When it comes to technology, today’s options are faster, cooler, more efficient, and more affordable than ever. It’s time to get your company “logged in” and we can help! Pixel Lab understands the need for streamlining office operations, communications, production, and advertising. Hey, almost anything from quoting to invoicing jobs and everything in between improves through technology.

We have solutions for you. We offer a variety of website hosting packages priced for almost any budget and each can be upgraded to fit your company’s specific needs. The pace of business today reflects the consumers desire to have information and products available “Now”. Pixel Lab’s hosting service will provide you with instant updating that you need to capture your customer’s attention with ads, deals, or just a thank you when the time is right.



SSL (Secure Socket Layer) In addition to your backup and hack security systems, we have added an SSL (Secure Socket layer) to your website’s hosting package. Browsers will now display the secure locked padlock in the address window for your website. This means that all data that travels between the viewer’s computer and the web server is encrypted, such as login credentials and any data collected from forms (name/phone number/address).

Backup Buddy - Your site and it’s data are protected as a backup copy in cloud storage, third party secure backup, for quick recovery from server crashes or malicious attacks in order to minimize downtime.

Security Pro - Protects your site from “Brute force attacks” which are password-guessing attacks. Protects against file changing by detection - compares files on our server to your site’s core files to make sure they haven't been changed.



Blog / News / Content Writing: Content gathering, writing, and page layout for your company blog or company newsletter each month. Posting of Blog on Existing Social Platforms.

Social Media Management package which includes (but not limited to) Social Posting / Management of multiple social media pages. Management of "Boosts, Ads, Posting engagement (spend per boost/ad is additional).

When it comes to saving money and time, technology and Pixel Lab Designs is the answer. We’re here for you!


Hosting Plans