Text Marketing is great advertising!

Text marketing is one of our best services!

Up to 300 subscribers for only 95.00 per month!

Customers love this free service!

Unlimited texts to your customers!

Completely managed by us for just 52.50 per month!

Why use text marketing today?

Text marketing is the #1 way to market directly to your customers.

Text marketing requires no setup fee.

97% of mobile users will open up texts.

More reasons to begin text marketing... Q&A

Q:How many customers can you market too?

A: Virtually everyone loves a deal

Q:How many offers can you advertise per month?

A: There is No limit

Q:How many  of your customers use texting to communicate?

A: 75% of people in the US text

Q:How many or your customers use smartphones?

A: About 225 million people use smartphones today... It works

Call us to begin reaching your customers directly!


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