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There are videos for everything today… To learn it, just Google it and watch the “How To” video on YouTube! We can easily shoot HD video with our cell phones then text it, Facebook it, and Intstagram it instantly! 

Simply telling people about yourself or your product is not nearly good enough, we need to “Show” them. Our daily personal and business lives are so easily shared and promoted through video today that we just can’t help ourselves; we love it!  Remember  “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Today it’s more like “A video is worth a million dollars”. In 2014 an adorable eight year old named Evan was quoted by Business Insider to be making $1.3 million a year with his YouTube Channel. That’s the power of video today. A million dollar video may not be your immediate goal but hey, a few additional clients might be okay right? Sure, so why not give it a try!  As with any popular form of advertising whether it be for fun or profit there is lots of competition to sell you the best device, the best video service, and the best delivery system to get your message to the masses. A quick lesson on “Video Marketing” will help you make the right choices to get results in less time for less money. It’s time you got into the film biz!  If you’re going to break through to your audience you’ll need some tools and a little knowhow first. What type of video should you make? Knowing what type of video you’ll need to produce begins with your product. There are specific types of videos that work best for every type of market. The list of video types below will help you decide what’s best for you and your product.

  • Promotional: Showcases your products and services
  • Testimonial: Highlights your talents by showing clients raving about work you’ve done
  • Thought Leadership: Presents new or useful information relevant to your industry
  • How-To: Informs prospects on how they can use your product or service
  • Product Information: Explains new features, benefits, solutions, troubleshooting
  • Entertainment: Shows your brand’s human side; leverage viral videos, contests


A promotional video usually shows what you are selling and always includes an effective CTA (Call To Action). These can be as simple as a cell phone video showing your product with a CTA letting your viewers know they get a free gift card when they purchase 2 or more. It can also be developed into a powerful YouTube commercial with you, a couple actors, and multiple scenes. The choice is yours but remember to consider your audience; what would they like?

A testimonial video is a great idea for almost any product or service but tends to work best when professionally produced. Provide viewers with high quality audio so they can clearly understand what your client has to say about you. Your clients’ will also appreciate your complimenting their testimonial efforts by showing them at their best.

Leadership videos are exceptional for team building, motivation, and furthering education. They can be produced effectively with a cell phone or a full production team. It’s the message that counts the most! Production value helps to inspire your audience so think about what would motivate YOU and go for it!

How-To videos are some of the most successful ads in video marketing today! They can be produced on the cheap or professionally. Just make sure that you develop a story board before you shoot your video so that you don’t leave out any steps. Also, be sure that your sound is clear and well recorded so that your audience gets exactly what they came for.

Product information videos can be really fun! They usually include at least one actor that looks great and speaks well. These videos should be engaging, fun, transparent, and informative. Digital animation is used frequently to demonstrate various points within the video or to show off the product’s logo. These are very popular and make easy research tools for shoppers.  

Entertainment videos are virtually full feature movies today! Selling a brand by relating to its audience. They tell a story and take the viewer on a journey while introducing the history, style, and standards of your brand. These are some of our favorites. Entertain them and they’ll love you for it!

It’s good to be King…  Check out these short examples from our portfolio to get some ideas!

Example 1. Pixel Lab designed logo animation for TitleQuest

Example 2. Pixel Lab produced testimonial video for real estate professional Will Layton


Lee Brinn – Editor “Interest” Pixel Lab Designs

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