Mobile Applications in a Changing Business World


Pixel Lab Designs APPSIn a rapidly changing world of technology, businesses must change as well. According to the Wall Street Journal tech blog, Americans aged 18-24 spend on average about 37 hours per month using various applications. Even on the low end, Americans aged 55 and up spend on average about 21 and a half hours per month using applications on iOS and Android platforms.

The numbers are clear, to succeed in an increasing mobile market, there is the need to have a website, plus an app for your company that’s developed properly; driving business to you as well as economizing your customer’s time when using your website. Pixel Lab is here to help you on that journey no matter what your business needs.

Communication is key to good business, and mobile applications make doing so easier than ever. Allowing customers to contact your business through a mobile app further increases penetration of your brand or business as no longer are your customers constrained by the limitations of a traditional website.

Sites like,, and are great examples of properly implemented customer-business comunication. eBay and Amazon have ‘Contact Us’ buttons accessible in two clicks from the settings menu and side menu respectively.’s app takes this a step further, and allows customers the ability to contact customer service directly from the side menu as well as book hotels and resorts.

In addition to customer-business communication, each app has a focus on rational visual communication. If you have any familiarity at all with their desktop sites, then the mobile app will instantly be recognizable. Of course the basic colors and design are nearly the same in each case, but more importantly it is intuitive where you should go to find what what you need expediently and without frustration.

E-Commerce is easier than ever with tailor-made applications. Mobile shopping is a nearly $300 billion industry, that already constitutes 32% of internet shopping, and is expected to grow to $638 billion by 2018 2. It’s clearly important that businesses get into mobile e-commerce early, and our application designs will ensure that your mobile purchases are just as easy to use as your desktop purchases.

Returning to our previous examples, these sites have all made massive incursions into the mobile shopping sphere. Much of their success can be attributed to smartly designed mobile applications. In all three cases, the apps succeed not only because they are easy to look at and function well, but also because each app manages to integrate the core features of its website in such a prominent way. In addition to optimizing text and image sizes for every product, each app also succeeds by having an easily navigable toolbar, that allows consumers to specify search results, while not sacrificing the overall aesthetics. Amazon in particular excels because of its one-click purchase function, but no longer do you need to pay licensing fees to get easy purchasing technology.

New payment methods such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay make selling your product or services the easiest it’s ever been. Using these new technologies, allows your business to attract more customers due to the unified nature of the payment system, and also affords extra security for your business, by minimizing the chance of fraud. Both are secure digital wallet services, that when integrated with your business’s app or website, make it far easier for customers to quickly and safely make purchases.

Navigating the world of mobile apps can be treacherous waters, that’s why Pixel Lab is here to guide you every step of the way. We’ll work with you, to design an application that is just as beautiful and efficient as the rest of your business is.



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