Conquer with Content Part 3

Do I Need A Content Writer for my Website?


Great content on your website can reel in customers that might otherwise surf past. There’s plenty of competition online and countless unrelated distractions to nab someone’s attention. It’s vital in the modern age to have content that not only accurately represents your business but also garners the interest of busy potential customers. So how do you create this great content to compete with other businesses online?

Hire a Content Writer?

A good content writer is an invaluable resource for any business, new, old, big, and small, local or national. A really good content writer is able to tailor their writing style to reflect your business to attract the kind of customers your business is looking for. So how do you know when to hire one?

  • You’re short on time.

The simple fact is that running a business takes a lot of time. You’re responsible for customers, employees, quality control, and a million other little things. Add a social media presence and regular blog updates and suddenly a lot becomes too much. Delegation of this responsibility takes at least a little bit of the weight off your shoulders.

  • You’re short on inspiration.

You know your business inside and out — it’s yours after all. It can be really easy to write about it for a while, but eventually you feel like you’ve said all there is to say, now what? Now you hire a content writer. Content writers specialize in coming up with fun, creative ways of sharing information and cultivating interest.

  • Writing is hard.

Good content needs to be creative, technical, researched, individualized, targeted, and broadly appealing. Delivering this package on a consistent basis is a full time job that requires expertise and experience. . Content writers are foremost, writers; experts with experience that know how to craft a narrative specific to your business for advertising your products and services.


Who to hire as your content writer?

So now you know you need a content writer — but which content writer is right for you? The ideal writer will not only understand your business, but look at your business from your perspective and from the perspective of your customers. Here’s what to look for in a content writer to make sure they can provide the service you need:

  • Willingness to show you samples of past work

Depending on whether you’re looking for general site copy, blogs, or social media, you may end up hiring a different kind of writer or multiple writers or maybe one with diverse skills. Good content writers will have examples of blogs, website copy, and/or social media postings for you to review and compare to your needs.

  • Friendliness and an ability to build a rapport with you and your online customers

Writers need to know your business for effectively tailoring their content. They must be able to look at things from your perspective and understand what kind of content you’re looking for as well as accept and adapt to criticisms. This familiarity is most easily garnered through a positive relationship between you and the writer.

  • Genuine interest in your business and products/services

When someone cares about what they’re doing, it shows. They’re more thorough, more determined, and more eager. A professional content writer will always be in research mode, educating him or herself about your business and exploring new ways of sharing this information.

  • Knowledge of SEO

Part 2 of Conquer With Content both explored SEO and how it affects publicity and influences written content. A solid understanding of SEO means that your content writer is able to tailor their writing to your business and ensure search engines will pick it up.

Now What?

Part 1 of Conquer With Content helped you understand that you need good content to improve your website and help your business grow. Part 2 helped you understand how to create good content and how SEO impacts your content.  Part 3 has hopefully helped you to understand when it’s time to hire a professional to write for you. If you have any more questions about the how, why, and what of content writing, we are eager to talk to you! Contact us at or (757) 717-4217 for more information.



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