Conquer With Content – Part 1


The Importance of Content

Why Content is The Most Important Part of a Website

A bad website is unusable. A good website is a website you want to stay on. A really good website is a website you don’t mean to stay on, but an hour and five blogs later you’ve yet to close the tab. The difference between a bad website and a good website is largely organizational. The difference between a good website and a really good website is content. 

Creating Customers with Content

Content refers to any written material on your site that can be searched and read on the internet. This broad category includes blogs, product descriptions, company bios, and even customer reviews. Other examples include:

  • Research and reports
  • Press releases
  • Videos
  • Newsletters

Having content on your website is incredibly important. The more information potential customers have, the more likely they are to go from “potential” customers to actual customers.

This 5 star Google review details the specific content that we write for TM Auto Wholesalers:

The team at Pixel Lab does an outstanding job of making me look as good as my business performs.  They offer a Responsive website to wow my customers that is easily changeable anytime we see fit.  They also help me keep my current and prospective customers informed with my monthly blogs, from how the industry is changing, what kind of cars are great for college students, to the importance of a Google Rating when it comes to car shopping.  Pixel Lab team keep, up the great work!   ~ Mike Love

Good vs. Bad Content

Having plenty of informative content on your website isn’t enough, though. It has to be good content that is relevant to your customer’s interests. Bad content can be uninteresting, unrelated, too wordy, poorly written, or just poorly organized. Bad content doesn’t help you or your business.

Good content, on the other hand, is meant to serve as a kind of salesperson. It should draw casual readers in, encouraging them to look at what you have to offer. Good content has an understanding of both the business and the consumer as well as being fun and informative. It should:

  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of your business and what you’re trying to accomplish
  • Communicate your enthusiasm for both your product and/or service as well as your customer
  • Take your website to the top of search pages (on Google)
  • Not interfere with overall design and flow
  • Be fun to read!

How to Write

Writing good content is especially hard when you have an entire business to run on top of it. Making a good first impression with written content is vital to the growth of your company but no easy task if content writing is not your speciality. Consider employing a professional service for this type of advertising to ensure success. A professional writer should do more than just research your product. They should get to know all about the unique qualities that make you and your company special and possess the skill to convey these attributes with words. Stay tuned for our next installment in Conquer with Content to learn more about how content writing works with Search Engine Optimization!

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