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Design Spotlight! - Practical Design

Underwater Beach Test Resized

This month’s Design Spotlight focuses on an exceedingly clever design for a human-powered submarine dreamed up by the bright, young minds over at Florida Atlantic University’s Human Powered Submarine Club. Although the design does not have any immediately apparent benefits, one can easily imagine a scenario in which human power can be used as a back-up energy source to escape some sticky situations! Check out the video to see the design for yourself, and if you like what you see, be sure to support them at their club website by following the link! Read More

Video Production

Artistry in Motion, Locally Crafted Custom Surfboards

If you’re a Surfer or wish to be a surfer some day, the first thing that you need to know is that all surfboards won’t engender those visionary nose rides, hits, hacks, carves, and aerials on that tasty wish list of yours. You’ll need a “real” surfboard for that...  Local Custom Surfboard Manufacturing Last weekend I paddled out at one of our local spots for a test ride on my new “Poker Chip”; the most recent addition to my quiver. My first takeoff was so automatic and natural that I’d swear it was one of my old whips; each ride after, being a repeat celebration. The uniqueness of this first ride was that the board’s dimensions were completely different from any of my other boards; a completely new design and yet it new me!Read More