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Fresh Shooting Styles for Real Estate Videos

Working with Greg Chaplain and the staff of the Home team for their new introduction video was a blast. We approached the project hoping for a look inside the team's work environment. We were able to capture a group discussion with multiple shooting styles from Go-Pro and track shots to dolly and hand held. The Home Team Introduction Video.Still001Read More

Video Production

Surfing Into The Future

As any sport grows, it must adapt to the demands of the times. Nowhere is this truer than in surfing. In the last few decades the technology behind surfing has increased at a phenomenal rate and there are now more options for board shapes, designs, and compositions than ever. With the advent of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, crafting a board that previously would have taken days to weeks, can be completed in a fraction of a day. The CNC machines do not operate independently however... In The Future Read More